Creativity Within Constraints

I don’t know a creative person or organization that doesn’t have constraints or limitations.  Those barriers might be internal, such as time and money, or external such as those imposed upon us by the world in which we live.

About a week ago, I was reading an article in the art and design section of the paper on artists who have found new ways to see after losing their vision to macular degeneration.   Afterward, I reflected on other artists and how they, with their own physical limitations, still created new work.

When it is my turn, I hope that I can embrace the koan or riddle of the “Goose in the Bottle,” and like these creatives, continue to express my visual vocabulary and share it with the world.

Author: Brian Sesack

As a self-taught artist, I can’t remember the exact day, but still can remember the feeling that came over me when I recognized the desire to photograph in black and white. Up until that time, I was photographing in color and mostly on vacations and at family events. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, but like other events in my life, I just had to "drop the reins" and experience the journey of discovery. The intent of my work is to provide a vehicle for my creative self-expression and the transformation from looking to seeing. As a result I work from the inside out. I find myself moved by concepts that I cannot explain, but that I need to interpret by documenting textures and tonal qualities in an attempt to create images that bring the viewer into the subject. I have also discovered over time that as important as it is to produce a beautiful image, it is the process or the state of being creative that provides the joyfulness of being an artist.

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